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Dentists - the great plague - worse than plaque

Toothless woman strikes Fear into the hearts of the damned and the dentists in the State of Tennessee

On December 28, 2001 I  the dentist ripped out my tooth. Now, mind you, I have had to have 'emergency' dental care for a long time now. I haven't had insurance. Thus it was, going off to the damned dentist on Friday afternoon that the bad news was handed down to me: "We have to pull that tooth".

Do I think that losing a tooth is nothing? No, absolutely not! I am traumatized. It means the beginning of the end of my life and the caving in of my cheeks - cadaver-like. The functionality of the other teeth in my mouth have been horribly affected, the sorrow in my heart at the loss of the tooth itself. It was my tooth, I grew it. It has hung around and managed to survive malnutrition, neglect and the grinding it had to endure when my nerves were completely and chronically maladjusted.

This is how the dental plans work in the USA: Coverage of about $1500 per year. That is barely one crown. I need 8 crowns. That is approximately $8,000. As a temp - even a Temp of the Year - I don't make much more than that. So, like so many thousands of other Americans, I am stuck in this cycle of patchwork toothwork - always temporary and unglamorous because the avaricious dentists make sure that they slurp up all the insurance money after exactly two visits. You have cleaning and x-rays and in fact all they do is tell your how much work you have to have done and then ask what you want to have done next.

In fact, what I really want to say is: 'listen here! you tooth pulling vampire - what the hell are you doing in a profession which most certainly involves caring for humanity when all you want to do is milk the insurance companies for as much money as possible and to hell with the patients who are suckers enough to believe the twaddle you speak?'

Dentists - for professing to work on the teeth-end of the alimentary canal - certainly seem to speak from the opposite end when it comes to the lines they spin the patients. I can understand why people sue the medical profession in all its forms - they deserve it. They still get away with murder. In this case, my murdered tooth.


 I should sue the entire profession because as a result of that important tooth being uprooted the other teeth upper and lower are being adversely affected which will result in a) the loss of those teeth and b) phenomenally expensive bridgework having to be performed.

I hope the dentists loose their teeth - en masse.


Impressions of the Musical "Rent" - playing in Nashville

loud X

 I demanded that the dentist give me my pulled tooth and rather reluctantly he did so. I am going to go to another dentist and ask him if it was truly necessary to pull out that tooth. If he says no, then I am going to make a big drama and not return to the dentist of the damned again. People hate the drill and the injections but the real horror happens in their financial practice. That's enough to keep you awake at night

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I hate dentists

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How interesting is the Egg!


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