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 Hugging Up 76,000 Percent
Popular TV host wants to give Ben Ladin sex change and send him back to Afghanistan

Microscopic view of Anthrax bug without the jihad beard

Bat Boy Beats BenLadin in Afghani fist-fight


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ANTHRAX - not only USA affected

At least five anthrax scares have occurred in South Africa since Thursday night.

Two South African Airways (SAA) planes were grounded on Friday after a white powder was found on board both, and, also on Friday, eleven people in Durban received preventative treatment for possible anthrax infection.

In Cape Town a man appeared in court after having been arrested in connection with an anthrax hoax.

Nine people were admitted to Durban's Addington hospital at 7am and the other two were admitted on Thursday evening.

Two of the patients were policemen who had handled an envelope containing white powder. The envelope was found at a mail sorting company and two of the company's employees were also admitted to hospital.

The seven others were security guards at Durban International Airport, where white powder was found on a toilet floor.

Powder samples have been sent for analysis.

On Thursday night an SAA plane was grounded in Cape Town after flight attendants and cleaners discovered a latex gloves covered in white powder on one of the seats. The plane was scheduled to fly to Johannesburg.

The police were called and a team of experts from Waste Care was flown to Cape Town to disinfect the aircraft.

The gloves and powder were taken to Pretoria for forensic tests.

None of the 116 passengers were exposed to the powder.

Another plane was grounded on Friday morning after a disembarked passenger told Johannesburg police that there was white powder on his bag when he removed it from the overhead storage bin.


He should've had alka selzer - oops! no, we mean Elke Somer or current equivalent


does that mean free to 'press' as in 'squash' firmly and iron or what?


Unabrow and Unabomber correspond from both sides of damnation

  SA man invents hair-dryer germ-fryer
A South African engineer has invented a hair dryer-type decontaminating device to be used in combating chemical and biological attacks, a domestic newspaper reported on Sunday.


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