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Hello California!

It has happened - Dramatic and  sudden. Change.

I am off to California in the not too distant future. Off like a dirty sock! My heartbreak is finally over, I have learned many things about America, about the South, about the goodness of some people. I have experienced kindness from strangers, love and support from many friends and acquaintances.  And of course, my mentor, Lynne without whom my creative insanity would've crumbled my biscuits completely.

I have favorite shops and places I go to where the workers are familiar with my consumer habits.

Impressions of Tennessee

Beautiful in the spring & summer
Worth a visit
Family & male orientated
Lots to explore
Growing too fast
Closed to foreigners
Precious, because it holds my friends
Should keep me - I'm well worth it

I have had my heart broken, my dreams reshaped and a new understanding emerge with slightly scorched wingtips. I am almost three years older, a lot wiser, somewhat tougher and ready to tackle the hard and glittering world of Los Angeles. I have a friend to go to. This makes all the difference in the world. I must be stone mad: I'm in the middle of my life (maybe), a stranger in a strange land, a rebellious woman without pause or apology - only cause and analogy.

I leave my small southern past behind in Tennessee, my great pain and wonderful friends.

It's California, baby! Bag lady or Malibu? Who knows? Adventure is a-calling!

My Plan

to begin a TV channel
to finally be able to buy a pro-digital video camera
to own my own satellite and rent out the transponder space
to have a decent jar of beluga caviar someday soon

I am being driven out of Tennessee by lack of opportunity, past heartache and the unquenchable desire to get back into doing what I enjoy most: television and film. I have such good talents which need to see the light of the American day


Save Alaska
The Farm
cool travel sites
people infect pets
daily special
Meadowlark Lodge
Bath tub blues
Learning to Spit
Afghan News Net
US Copy write
hotel & travel comparisons

Enjoy your visit - and never, ever daydream without the proper travel authorization in triplicate and copies for your files


This has got to be the most magnificent dog in the  American history of Dobermans. I am proud to say that I had a positive influence on her life when she was younger.  She has a good life and is well loved. I still miss her. (Nasty divorce and all that sort of thing...)


She must be mad - driving to California with three cats, a bicycle a teeny weeny bit of money. She is brave, foolish and undaunted, if a tad dented


I received a delightful calendar from the Egg Board of America. Thanks, egg people.


Ode to the Egg:

O Eggie, O Eggie, none better than the Eggie!

From bum of chicken to plate of prince, personable, satisfying, uncomplaining and nice to eat

Eggs grow leggs - eventually - and run off to greener pastures

How interesting is the Egg!


eggrorian chants



Goodbye to my favorite heartbreak healers:

Big Lots, Second Time Around, Mildred

Alternative Life

My parents called yesterday from South Africa. I was extremely touched by my father saying that I am one of the most courageous women he has ever known to not only move countries without any resources on the other side but all the things I have achieved and undertaken in life. I get a gold star for that one. I think the family must miss me a little back home because they have never said anything so supportive before. My dad is having spinal surgery tomorrow and I am concerned. Africa is so far away and who the hell wants to fly on Jihad Airways? - certainly not me. I can only put my fingers together, do the "ommmmmm" thingey and wait...

The Farm
Cob Construction
Sewage Saves Planet
Straw Bale
For the farm

Goodbye for now:

Lynne Martin, Ernestine Harrington, Leanne Harrington, Mary Ellen Spear, Jim Norton, Linda Politte, California Annie, Natascha Tachuk, Kim Jones, Kris & Kelly Diponzio, Peggy & Tami, Tammy Ratliff, Lolita White, Angela Burum, Latoya, Deb Morley, Darla, Lolita White, Kelly Sharber

Goodbye my lost love. It is finally over. The castle crumbled, the magic became dust.

I waited.

I have to go. Life is calling.

California - here I come!

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