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an unorthodox journey



Black September - 2001


day 3



evil culture, evil man, evil throughout.


Every muscle in my body hurts today  - how about you?

by: A Grateful Immigrant

I am familiar with this feeling. The constant feeling of exhaustion. And guilt that I feel relief that I wasn't on the plane(s) that day, that Tennessee was not struck, that I cannot do anything to help. That horror has returned to my tiny little life. Am I Jonah?

It is so new and means everything to me: this feeling of safety and security and I finally was beginning to find my smile again. Relief at being - at last - in a land where peace and safety reigns. Where all people are treated the same. All the true American expects in return is that we all work hard, be honest and live in peace.

But, of course, with in influx of the 'stranger' countries comes the Trojan Horses. Those communities who refuse to blend in, to espouse the America value system, the American way of life. The Moslems are the Trojan Horses of today.

The influences of different cultures are all fine and dandy, that is inevitable but the line should be drawn between those that will not take and defend this land of liberty. It may not be perfect - no country is - but it is the only country where true freedom is aspired to.

I thank America for allowing me to become part of her community.

I will defend her as if it is the last place on God's green earth.

For me, it is the last place on earth.


I will defend America as if it is the last place on God's green earth.

For me, it is the last place on earth.

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Muslim Terrorists















Good people died that day


Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.