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an unorthodox journey





Human Resources

- the modern day meat market




It's a hard workplace world and opportunities on the  grazing grounds are diminishing by a tougher economy.  Terrorism will change the face of America forever. This is going to have an impact for the rest of her existence.

Power mongers are gaining ground, gaining in greed, diminishing in their forced compliance to gender-minority amalgamation.


we love batboy!


List of HR companies


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Power mongers= (oil companies, large vehicle manufacturers, medical and pharmaceutical concerns, insurance lack-of-concerns, hi-tech baby boys, software, computerware and wankerware)


HR Gripes:




1.Usually comprised of dissatisfied people who are so sick and tired of jobseekers, threatening bottom lines and thousands of files to maintain. Who have watched their own dreams disappear under the gush of juvenile 'I want to help people' twaddle that they spouted at their first interview.


I sound bitter & twisted? - You bet your sweet nellie I do...
  2.The HR companies are bottom line only and have nothing to do with soliciting the best response from employer and employee.

Just call me twitter & bisted

3.Secretly, HR people hate you - the jobseeker - and couldn't be bothered with your miniscule little life and they smugly think they deserve the power they wield.

4.Of course, they'll go for the easy placement solutions, encourage you to leave your resume` online, via mail, fedex or email. It makes not a jot of difference to them.



6.HR markets in human flesh and can therefore only be called slave-traders. They only see through box-shaped eyes. If you are creative with well-rounded skill sets and are not directly from George Orwell's 1984 world then you will not find work.

So what now?



... and if you can't find work, do some gardening, plant something beautiful, sit on a chair and think about the whole world and your whole life


Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.