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Hello California!

Sometimes, I catch a glimpse of the world through Other People's eyes - and I quickly run away and leap off the cliffs of my imagination to my own multicolored view of Things.

So many people seem to see things in shades of gray, totally affected by reality, always looking at the Realistic Point of View.

Well, I say to those folks - suck eggs, babe. You need a good dose of Illusion. Run, hobble or waddle into the wild of the world for a while. Experience the pain of the death of a flower growing hapless and beautiful, unnoticed - and yet remaining absolutely only a flower on the side of the highway - as endless giant vehicles and peoples with inflated tires and egos and deflated dreams tires shoot by carrying largely unhappy people in various stages of moral decay. Run away for a day.

Do something you used to do or something you have never done before. Wear something you normally would not. If you want your hair to be harlot red or alien green just for today - do so. The secrets that lurk in a woman's soul need to come to the fore - otherwise you will experience a particularly nasty menopause. The next thing I would like to do is go on a train ride. That beautiful rhythm of the clacking tracks and glimpses of lives big and small as you choo by - it's so fabulous!

So, on a whim, I applied for a job at Amtrak but for now they didn't seem to have anything for me to do. You see, my best work is done with moving pictures. If only for moments at a time I could show the world - any world - glimpses of my world!

Anyway, I digress again, this page is supposed to be about travel. Really, what I am trying to convey is that you - no matter what your circumstances - need to get your mental passport in order before you embark on even an adventure to the grocery store. Anything can  become an adventure. Start practicing with the little journeys and the big ones will be around the corner.

Let fly with your mind.


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Good Moments

Personally, I do not trust the Shop@home network because there are some shifty sounding people working there - same ilk as the Ramada Inn (doesn't that just sound like a perfect opportunity for terrorists to infiltrate undetected throughout this beautiful America?).

Good moments are the building blocks of the day, the soul, your life. Focus on fractions of things and take a mental snapshot. That way, you have these many photographs to view when you feel blue or desperate or bored or trapped. I do that a lot. It helps me through life. I love being in my mind, most of the time. Of course, there are some snapshots which cause me great emotional pain because the person who was there  formed the central aspect of the joyful memory and viewing that again makes me relive that sense of loss of betrayal. So, I have learned to quickly drop those pictures and find another good memory.

There are people, organizations, entire nations,  genders that actually live in a state of malice. Very bad indeed: causes hell in the home and horror throughout history.


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Enjoy your visit - and never, ever daydream without the proper travel authorization in triplicate and copies for your files

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How to mind travel

Sometimes, all it takes is  focusing on a color I like and then I immerse myself in that color - It fires my imagination into action. In seconds I can be a mariner from old times peering at the deep dark ocean, seduced by sirens, spying a palm tree and some primitive with a bone in the nose or alternatively a hula-hooping islander beckoning me shoreward.

I remember finding a huge boulder of amethyst when I was a wee lassie in Zambia. I became so thrilled by my discovery and the fact that I had wandered off so far from the house into the dangers of the jungle. I used to go back to my boulder, lean up against it and let my imagination take wing.



Alternative Life

My parents called yesterday from South Africa. I was extremely touched by my father saying that I am one of the most courageous women he has ever known to not only move countries without any resources on the other side but all the things I have achieved and undertaken in life. I get a gold star for that one. I think the family must miss me a little back home because they have never said anything so supportive before. My dad is having spinal surgery tomorrow and I am concerned. Africa is so far away and who the hell wants to fly on Jihad Airways? - certainly not me. I can only put my fingers together, do the "ommmmmm" thingy and wait...

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Goodbye for now:

Lynne Martin, Ernestine Harrington, Mary Ellen Spear,

Leanne Harrington, Michael Range, Jim Norton,

Linda Politte, California Annie, Natascha Tachuk,

Kim Jones, Kris & Kelly Diponzio, Peggy & Tami,

Tammy Ratliff, Lolita White, Angela Burum,

Latoya, Deb Morley, Darla,

Lolita White, Kelly Sharber,

Kirk Davidson


Goodbye my lost love. It is finally over.

The castle crumbled, the magic became dust.

I waited.

I have to go.

Life is calling.

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