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 |  America's Finest Views Source  | November 2001

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Never under-estimate the value of a good pair of socks while camping

Divorce is bad for the whole family.


Relationships should be cherished and if there is anything that can be salvaged, nurtured it should be done. If not, let it go.

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"We're taking the horses and going camping", said Natascha, " you want to come?"

"What time are you leaving?"

"Oh, as soon as you get here". I flew like a mad chicken around the house, throwing things together, sorting out the cats with food, water and litter.

We bathed their two horses (rather nervously I might add), loaded up the truck and headed for the hills.

East Fork is about two or so hours from Nashville on 12000 acres of forest, trails clearly marked, good camp sites, power outlets, clean ablution blocks (with hot water) and $10 for firewood (a big pile of neat logs). It was really nice to experience camping, ('urbanish ' cowboy style) with the horses spitting distance away.

For people who enjoy the outdoors, horses and good trails this is a place I highly recommend. I listened to a rather rough but pleasant chap chirping about the other sites he'd been to. He was a bit sozzled from hooching at the camp chilli cookout. He referred to the South Fork Park Rangers as Pork Rangers. He said he wouldn't be taking his horses there again.

"East Fork is a horse-friendly place and the three hour drive I make from Green County is worth it".

Naturally, I had no inclination to challenge my terror levels still further and I did not go galloping off across the hillside. Instead, I sort of waddled stiffly along a forest path. Every bone in my fast aging body ached. The temperature had plunged to a level most un-Christian. I had one small, thin blanket and that was all. Sleep had obviously frozen itself elsewhere in the night and did not find me.

I would like to return to East Fork some other time. The owners take care of the place. I met Mike, (a lean cowboy) the trustee of the family land and he has an air of sincerity about him. The farm is well


 maintained, clean, $18 per camp site/ night and the scenery very beautiful. Highly recommended for 'horsey' people.

East Fork Reservations

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Enjoy your visit - and never, ever daydream without the proper travel authorization in triplicate and copies for your files


A lot of people think they own the planet and have no respect for life. Nasty  people with big bellies, big buckles, big trucks, women with too-tight jeans had camped next door. Their horses had been ridden hard and tethered with no water, no food and the sweat not brushed off their flanks.  We sneaked around in the dark giving them buckets of water. I have decided I do not like most people - they suck big time.


"This is the most unorthodox website.  Contains a bit of everything" - Scoutt who speaks with a lisp.

"Bizarre and scary" says Tweedledee of Tweedledum Publications!

What's going on in Afghanistan?
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Not Knowing What Else To Do, Woman saves the organic egg from extinction - hailed as hero by local ant population


Egg observations:

O Eggie, O Eggie, none better than the Eggie

From bum of chicken to plate of prince, peasant or me

personable, satisfying, uncomplaining and nice to eat

Eggs grow leggs - eventually - and run off to greener pastures

How interesting is the Egg


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Language Gene Found

  • The first linking of a gene to language could speed our understanding of this most unique and most controversial of human abilities.
    4 October 2001
  • Council to 'help' Winnie comply with the law

    JENNI EVANS, Johannesburg | Monday

    WINNIE Madikizela-Mandela will be told to stop the reconstruction of her businesses which were demolished last month and will be assigned an inspector to help her comply with bylaws to resolve the matter, Johannesburg's mayoral representative said on Monday.
    The tavern, club and tuck shop outside her house were demolished on October 24 by a sheriff of the court for being in contravention of bylaws. Media reports over the weekend said Madikizela-Mandela had started rebuilding the premises.
    Mayor Amos Masondo's representative Kgotso Chikane said an inspector had examined the new structure and the council's legal department had looked into the matter and concluded that it was not in contravention of the court order or in defiance of the city council. It was on a private stand on someone else's property.
    However, Madikizela-Mandela needed to comply with building control and town planning regulations -- meaning she has to submit plans for the structure and apply for permission to use residential property for business purposes.
    A letter would be delivered to Madikizela-Mandela on Monday afternoon requesting that she stop the reconstruction. An inspector would then be sent to help her comply with the regulations.
    Chikane said such an application normally took up to two weeks but sending an inspector to Madikizela-Mandela would speed up the process.
    "We don't want confrontation, we want to help her comply," Chikane said.
    "There is an impression created that it is a witch hunt -- it is purely a bylaw issue. We just want the matter to be concluded."
    Madikizela-Mandela's representative Alan Reynolds said he had not been able to reach her for comment.
    The council's decision provides relief for Madikizela-Mandela who over the past few weeks has also appeared in court to face charges of fraud and theft.
    She and her co-accused Addy Moolman were arrested on charges related to an alleged scam involving the use of her signature to fraudulently obtain bank loans.
    Outlining her expenses in her bail application she sparked a furore when she revealed that much of her income stems from donations from wellwishers.
    This led to the Democratic Alliance demanding that she explain why the donations had not been declared to Parliament and she has until Tuesday to explain the matter to Parliament's ethics committee.
    Madikizela-Mandela was the second wife of former president Nelson Mandela. During the struggle against apartheid and while campaigning for her husband's release from prison, she was harassed, imprisoned, placed in solitary confinement and banished under severe restrictions to a house in Brandfort by the National Party government.
    She was convicted of kidnapping for her role in the disappearance of teenage activist Stompie Seipei who was later found dead.
    Madikizela-Mandela is currently the chairwoman of the African National Congress Women's League and a Member of Parliament. - Sapa

    the above article is with thanks to the Weekly Mail & Guardian

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