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an unorthodox journey


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One of the hardest moments thus far in my life was to say goodbye to my beloved dog. Jewel.

    This beautiful dog usually ends up with a big lipstick kiss on her forehead after Auntie Jackie has been to visit her. Spoiled and ravishingly gorgeous. She has a huge fan following and has never known one single hardship other than having to share a biscuit or two...  

Sadie & Mary Ellen

Good friends, good memories. I have the deepest affection for the whole 'family' and without them - well, lets just say: there would be no 'me' in America

    I spotted this old car on one of my Sunday Photography explorations as I gently wander and seek the gold of America.  

This chap was sitting ever so cool on the side of a very busy road in Nashville. His shoes were so shiny and he looked so spiffy that I had to stop and meet him.


It was a rather rainy day but Memphis and I found this cool little petrol station on a farm road. It was worth the trip.


This is part of a small museum somewhere outside the town of Gallatin - replica of the long ago days.




dear friends make life rich


Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.