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an unorthodox journey



Okay, so I'm probably not the only one visualizing insane red-eyed Arabs hovering on bridges with evil looking vials of some 'sporous' glowing green stuff - and no super hero to save Gotham City.

- But: what I do have is experience in urban survival  - having come from a country which has eroded from within by acts of terror.

see below for our lifesaving tips...

anthrax cure?


Deep Thought for the day:

I think the jihad crowd have all those issues because their heads get too hot and itchy under all that material and they do not use Fabric Softener!


have you noticed what high pitched voices those hezbollah spokesmen have? Personally, I think they are rather inadequate in the plumbing department - hence their vicious hatred of all women.

  1. Be aware of all cars and passengers around you. 

  2. Be observant of the subtle impressions you form of drivers and occupants.

  3. Park your car a little further away from big buildings. Look underneath to see if you notice any foreign objects. A friend had her car blown up by a limpet mine in Africa some years back and I have checked my car since that time. Force of habit.

  4. Body language is important. Hatred can never be completely disguised. Study their eyes. Open your heart and you will be able to sense both good and evil.

  5. Parcels left unattended - you know that one by now.

  6. click picture for suspicious parcel warning


Pictures from the Tennessee State Fair

September 2001

this chap seemed oblivious to everything except his little religious book

It was a wonderful day...

This pleasant fellow was preparing the horses for carting the fat tourists around the fair. He invited me to stay at his farm - said he and his wife had a fully furnished guest cottage. I might just take him up on that offer sometime in the future.

why does religious fanaticism always involve the oppression of women?


 don't be afraid of bugs - use Hectic Herald Bug-B-Gone!

Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.