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an unorthodox journey



 |  America's Finest Views Source  |  October 2001  
 Hugging Up 76,000 Percent
'Blame it on women', say local radicals

Rest Of Big Corporation Country Temporarily Feels Guilty for using bombing as excuse to fire lower end workers




Past Issues

Buy seeds from Seeds-of-Change
Making America Safer - stop deforestation

Arrest anyone with a funny surname, says Security P. Pill - cockroaches demand freedom
ROYAL CROCK, TN— Dishwarma Achbad Nee Hi, 8, a TN Incendiary School third-grader of Iraqi descent, denied accusations during morning recess Tuesday that he was a tourist who killed a heathen cockroach. "I have to kill everybody," Dishwarma told classmate Douglas Vladimir Burnitorl "And my dad says I should, okay?"  - sapi reuter
Deomocrats urge tolerance of religious school curriculum
WASHINGTON, WC— In the wake of the recent national tragedy, President of Woteffer School system is urging publicans, and other maniacally inclined to resist the urge to punish liberty by denying the Arab-based Muslim schools, the right to study such subjects as Muslim Terrorism Tactics for Juniors and How To Plant Anthrax While Carpet-kissing.

Most popular book titles for the Jihad wannabe: 'Learn to Hate Anyone in Three Easy Steps' $7.95 (plus S&H at your own risk)

'How to Avoid a Troubled Conscience & Still maintain your New Camel Payments'  - only $403.22 (plus S&H at your own risk)


How to spot a shifty parcel


What was once, is no more - nor will be again

Fiends have diseased the nations


'We believe this alien (note the uni-brow) is/was suffering from constipation and closet homosexuality', says H.H. staff Anal-yst


Not Knowing What Else To Do, Woman saves the organic egg from extinction - hailed as hero by local ant population


Protect and serve


psssst! BatBoy has joined the US Marines


drink coffee with cream and sugar' - it cuts down on aggressive tendencies"

Hectic H-opinion: What do Trump & Ben Ladin have in common?
- they both hate women but project it differently
Hovercraft shoes enable troops to bounce over Afghan mountains - buy today for only 999999.99 space dollars!

Mini-Mermaid joins the staff of Hectic Herald

1 000 Zimbabweans out in the cold after attacks
NEARLY 1 000 Zimbabweans are destitute and seeking refuge at a Johannesburg police station following the torching of their homes in a squatter camp, South African police said on Tuesday.
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