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an unorthodox journey




Only in my mother have I encountered a similar, harmonious co-existence of defiance, goodness and curiosity.  Ernestine has not traveled the world but her comprehension of ‘the way the world works’ is quite astonishing. She has a kind of kitchen wisdom.  This special knowledge links together women from all over the world throughout time.

Her inner foundation is built on the principles and teachings of the Bible.  In her eyes you see the glimpses of Native American, perhaps a Jewish mama or the child who romped through the forest.

Ernestine has told me stories so wonderful about growing up in the south that I feel I have to share them with you. When I finally get my camera I shall take her with me on her journey into yesterday. Hopefully we shall see some traces of her childhood stomping grounds and catch the essence of the magic and mystery of her yesterday.

What a privilege that will be for us!  

From the iExploreAmerica Dictionary of words.

Earth: that object which occupies a place in space rather round in shape suitable for spinning/ turning or rolling/ lolling/ dangling around the universe. Space for us to love or hate, harm or heal, fill or fold.


This is not a horse - in case you thought otherwise

Equestrian Challenge

Perfect weather for a perfect day.  My "family" in America took me with them to go horse riding this morning. Please understand, I am no threat to the equestrian elite.

 So persuasive are Lynne and MaryEllen that rather than lose face I mounted the rather bemused looking creature. Horse Cato made me believe for a whole hour that I was riding the wild wind, dancing among tornados, exploring this vast land - as we shambled along at a blistering one mile per hour.

I had on my green cowboy hat  which was given to me at the Grand Canyon at a time when I felt loved. We had definitely bonded, Cato and I.

If  you are ever down this way I recommend the place. It's down on White Bridge Road, a little west of Nashville.

The photos have been developed but I couldn't get the office scanner to work. Oy! However the name of the place is:   

RAMBLIN BREEZE Riding academy


Do you have any idea how lucky I have been in this fair land? 

People can be so openhearted here. I have made  wonderful friends. 

Incredible kindness has come from strangers and friends alike. 

When home sickness almost gnawed away my insides and I longed for my Mama Africa, comfort came from the most unexpected sources. 

To those fine people, some of whom I list now: I thank you:

Another storyette

My Mother, who gave me the eyes to see and the heart to feel.  

My Sister: I love and admire you, Sista!

My father, who gave me the courage.

Lynne & MaryEllen, who have become important to my sanity and who give me a sense of family. Without whom I would have perished in this vast America.

Kate Healey - a Canadian costume designer and movie maker. When she smiles she makes me warm to the world. Desperate in LA, I slept on her floor. She kept me laughing.  

Ernestine and LeAnne : a place to stay, a car for months and much comfort. True friends.

Liat - Cleopatra for the soul - bless your son, my friend and most of all everything good that life can give you

Lesley - Florida is fortunate to have you. That fighting spirit is unquenchable. Fair and warm-hearted. You can call on me, girl!

Natascha - a fine artist indeed. I have known her for so long that she has become a sibling

Chris & Kelly: the young 'uns who with all their gentle teasing have been kind. Go and see what we have to say about their barn.

Kim for fixing the exhaust on my 1977 New Yorker

Lesley in Los Angeles. Phenomenal talent as a writer - a friend in need.

Alan Reeves: my teacher who showed me the secrets of the web.

Sandy: she made me a quilt with her own hands  

Angela Burum: friend in sorrow and laughter.



Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.