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Teeth are most important - I wish that greedy dentists end up with teeth problems!



Teeth, Terror & Toothlessness

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I have a new camera!

good fruit from a poisonous tree? - I think not

 It is Tuesday and I am exceedingly nervous. I have another dentist appointment today. With a different dentist.

As you know, the last one took out my support molar and I have had nothing but pain in my jaw since then. I have the tooth and the gas mask (which I had to buy for $15.00). All I know is that I want my tooth put back in place. If not the same tooth then another one. The expression, "fed up to my back teeth" has taken on a completely new meaning for me. I hope this new dentist will be able to work with my financial situation and not be so damned greedy. I am not interested in how many airplanes he has or whether or not he is a great guy for volunteering to go and identify teeth at the tragedy of the World Trade Centers.

Humans are made up of good and bad characteristics but one I find particularly heinous is greed. Which brings me to a another theory/ opinion:

How can good come out of evil? The fact that the 'civilized' west hired and gave sanctuary to the Nazi doctors at the end of the second world war so that their research would not be wasted but continued without hindrance their evil ways. If you want to over simplify you could say that medicine, treatments, etc. have benefited from this horror. I am of the opinion that the entire bowl of humanity has been compromised by the sacrifice of both human and animal for the core reason of these 'experiments' and that reason is nothing other than absolute greed.

Therefore, there is no justification for claiming that good can come out of evil. The only way that statement has any validity whatsoever is the following:

Those that are swept up into a swirl of circumstances or directly targeted by a malicious force of some sort may manifest great courage, sacrifice or merely be a mirror and a spotlight reflecting and shining with great clarity upon the true motivations of the perpetrators.

Have you ever noticed how the media and the advertisers like to spin the sentimental angles in their presentations?

Does that not concern you somewhat? They show little babies, they pull the heartstrings - they exploit our deepest emotions in order to obfuscate what they are really after - money and power. The experiments which, even as we speak, continue at a local prestigious university here in Tennessee. Coincidentally, on MSN today there is a link to an article that mothers who smoke risk causing diabetes in the child. Duh!  Like who the hell doesn't know that horrific things happen from the use of the addictive tobacco? You, dear reader, can know one thing for sure: that years of agonizing experiments on animals in laboratories produced this 'scientific' conclusion.

It is my belief that the great benefits to be gained using experiments without the use of animals is completely possible. These modern day 'scientists' need to rethink their approach to medicine completely.  I have absolutely no respect for them.

By the way: Did you know that these 'scientists' cut the vocal chords of the animals so they are undisturbed by their cries of agony?

If you have read thus far then you are probably a more gentle soul and I ask that you let your voice be heard and speak out against acts of this nature. You will not be popular and you may even be vilified but take comfort in the fact that when you take your final lie down and pull those soil covers over your body, you will have made some difference.







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