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an unorthodox journey



Icky, the miniature mermaid of freshwater origin


One fine spring day, Auntie Jackie went jogging near a stream in the forest. It had rained and rained for days before this particular day. The ground was soggy and the stream was running fast.  A large glass jar had become snagged in the twigs of a tree branch lying in the water. A movement in the water in the jar caught her attention. She stopped and looked more closely. What she saw in that half full jar made her sit right down on the muddy bank.

Inside the jar, golden and small, was the most surprising creature she had ever seen.  She picked up the jar very carefully and stared, her eyebrows raised up like McDonald's arches. The little creature stared right back.

By now you must be burning to know what was in the jar and I shall tell you.  It was a miniature mermaid. Her tail was golden and shimmered like that of a goldfish. From the waist up she was all girl, only miniature. She had long dark curls like a small-scale gypsy. The little mermaid reached up to the top of the jar, rested on her elbows and spoke.

"Hello", she said in a loud voice, considering she was so small.

Icky swam and kind of fluffed around in the new tank, arranging the plants and ornaments. Icky discovered the waterspout where the air and water pumped into the tank. She sat under the bubbling stream. Auntie Jackie stared, transfixed. Darting to the surface, Icky said, "Do you mind, I'm having a Jacuzzi. It's a Norwegian thing".



Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.