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an unorthodox journey


 |  America's Finest Views Source  | November 2001

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Never under-estimate the value of a good pair of socks while camping

Divorce is bad for the whole family. Relationships should be cherished and if there is anything that can be salvaged, nurtured it should be done. If not, let it go.

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I did some heavy thinking. I have reached some conclusions/opinions. I believe I am finally ready to accept that the relationship is over, that it never was true or 'real', except in my own head.

The 'authentic' is what I had aspired to treasure. It turned out to be fool's gold, - it was ordinary. Thus, I am sad to say, I have to let it slide from my heart into the cesspool of everybody else's ordinariness. My lost love is after all, plain old ordinary.

Awareness of my personal naivety has been slowly dawning. Old world honor, loyalty, kindness are rare, out of style and do not apply to relationships. However, I aspire to try and keep applying those principles to my life. As far as relationships and nesting goes, I have done my 'bit', my share and I do not want to go there again.

I shall choose to keep only good, well-mannered friends and humorous acquaintances.  The rest can move on by to the Ordinary World.

So baby! I catch the next train out of here. I want to go to fresh territory, make new memories and get a real job.

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The crashing heart, no giant lily pad for Thumbelina - she was probably eaten by a fish


"This is the most unorthodox website.  Contains a bit of everything" says Brother Non de Scripto

"Bizarre and scary" says Tweedledee of Tweedledum Publications!

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Miss Manners says:

Learning to Spit

'Thou shalt not spit'

There I was at the horse ranch on East Fork, Tennessee. Autumn ('Fall' for those who don't enjoy big words) and I had watched that curious American habit of public spitting. I mean, people like really 'gwel' up revoltingly large goobles of gob of varying densities and hue.

I had been raised not to do such disgusting things in public. However, it seems to be perceived here in the American south as very acceptable. What with all these nasty Auntie Anthraxes romping around, I just don't think it's a good idea.

Be that all as it may, I decided during my camping trip (while I was totally alone) to give gobbing a try. I had on my really cool leopard brimmed cowboy hat with the string hanging down under my chin. I leaned forward, I spat and it all kind of tangled into my hat string. Quite disgusting and I will not do that again.

I do not recommend this spitting thing. It's totally unacceptable behavior.


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