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    The sign read: “Flee Market”. Who could resist? Certainly not me. As a photographer seeking material for my new assignment, who was I to turn away from a chance to see the hidden part of Tennessee?
Memphis, my traveling cat, and I followed the farm road, sans all sign of paving until we came to its very end.
There it was: a ramshackle place with a lean-to at the back of the wooden house.

Things were propped, stacked, hanging, tilted and homemade - second hand clothes, honey, relish, a photographer’s jacket, books, pots and much more.

He emerged from somewhere, the old man, wearing bib overalls and a face as creased as a map. Ocean blue eyes peered from the landscape of life lines.
Turns out he is a Church of Christ pastor for poor folks. He takes no pay for his services. His rosy-cheeked wife popped out from somewhere a minute or two later with a cheerful smile.

“This young lady wants to take our picture, dear”, he announced.
“Ooh! I haven’t got my teeth in” said Mrs. Meadows, reaching deep into the pocket of her flowing fifties-style skirt. Out came the dentures and into her mouth.

"Okay, I'm ready now", she said nestling close to her proud husband.

My heart felt all warm and gooey so I gave them both a big hug, bought honey and the photographer’s jacket and left with the promise to return.




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