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an unorthodox journey



My car was stolen

It's a bit of a sick feeling when you walk outside and notice your car missing in action. I quelled the usual questions of 'why my car and not these snazzy newer models parked nearby' and what is the universe or potplant trying to teach me?' and so on. It had gone and that was that - along with my drycleaning, new running shoes, filofax (with all my numbers to my contacts at home, personal information and other such very tragic things) and two packs of noxious cigarettes. I felt quite numb and rather unbalanced for a few days - as seems to be customary when something awful happens.

Naturally, I had no insurance as I was in the process of buying the car from a friend as I have no credit built up in America. Nashville has no transportation system to speak of and it is very cold at the moment. I'd take my bicycle to work if I could but I do believe I would slip on the icy roads. 

When a personal crisis happens the reactions of people around you is quite revealing of their inner souls. A girl I hardly know has offered to co-sign on a new car. She has no agenda, she wants to help. This is more astonishing to me than my car being stolen. She has requested that her identity remain a secret. My friend MaryEllen took me car hunting yesterday - she knows lots of secrets about bargaining in the motor industry.


Life is a journey and your responses to the incidents along the way are what counts

I feel safe. I want to say thank you to my Mystery Girl and her husband, Suzanne for transporting me back and forth to work, Lynne and MaryEllen for all the help and support. I am so lucky.


Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.