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Black September - 2001





Darkness has fallen on the American landscape. Life, as it has been known, will never be the same again.

Never underestimate the power of hatred, envy or revenge. On this occasion of war in this land of liberty, it is those maniacal moslems. The whole reason for the moslem male's being is about sex and nothing but. Their belief that when they die for some damned 'holy' war or the other is that they get a straight shot to the seventh level of heaven where virgins and women dote and faun over them. This belief has sent these terrorists to their useless deaths. So silly. So evil. So destructive.

This is the only country in the world where all people are united to fight the enemy of separation. We must be ONE NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, UNITED - and the more creepy nations should remain in their own lands of origin.

I have lived through the destruction by violence of all semblance of security in my home country. I really did not want to go through it again - but this time - I fight back. Against this visible, underhanded, sly enemy.

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Q:  has the old adage proved to be true after all: NEVER TRUST AN ARAB!? Send Your response

The world watched in horror as the symbols of it's identity and prosperity collapsed and within minutes it was as if it had never been. It is a mere memory. The poor souls - so many thousands of them - locked within that mortared tomb and all for what? - so that yet another evil nation can prove its it is indeed evil. - as if we didn't know that already!


It is an act of war and there should be immediate consequence for those even vaguely responsible

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