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an unorthodox journey


 I dislike banks at the best of times and positvely loathe them most of the time. These are my opinions substantiated by my experiences. First Union Bank spells DANGER and TERROR for explorer's such as us.

Lots of things go on in any one life at any one time.  Think about the criss-crossing of the directions and energies of everybody's lives. It's quite mind-boggling.

Enough of that! I have  things to address tonight:


...should walk the plank





hover in some anemic building plotting new ways to push up their personal profits. They punish the small people the hardest.  

As my fortunes have risen and fallen like oily food in a drunkard's gut I notice their attitude sharpens and hardens on the wrong side of the wave. The more you struggle the more they kick. 

First Union's podgy little arrogance has poked at my ever-revealing rib cage, mercilessly clamping down gestapo style during the between work assignments and betwixt paydays.

if your car has a crisis and you had to write a cheque on Sunday night and your wages only go in via regular direct deposit every Tuesday night at midnight - they will do you no favors. 

on every single overdrawn transaction starting with the largest first - $30.00  punishment  per overdraw. It's about their greed and nothing but.

to take out a minimum of $20.00 every time you need to withdraw cash and they will get you if you spend one bloody dollar over. Let's just say you only have 10 dollars in the bank and you just have to use it. They force you  to withdraw 20 and then nail you 30 dollars punishment fee. 

because you think such dark and distressing thoughts when you're done with trying to interpret their statements.


Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.