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this is the beginning of a new day dawning for a determined, slightly demented immigrant

The Liver Spot, Inc.

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Horses or asses?

Riding the wild wind, dancing among tornados, exploring this vast land - as we shambled along at a blistering one mile per hour...


Bone Magic

Since discovering the whereabouts of this young and extremely intelligent French-Canadian I have managed to bully/nag five people...



Ramblin' Breeze


Wednesday morning blues


Travel Chat

The stresses islanders face consist greatly of the danger of coconuts dropping on their heads...

Learning to Spit

 I mean, people like really 'gwel' up revoltingly large goobles of gob of varying densities and hue.



deciding to sweep out the

debris of a very damaged heart, she

East Fork, TN

...a place I highly recommend. I listened to a rather rough but pleasant chap chirping about the other sites he'd been to. He was a bit 'sozzled'...


Upon due consideration: one  can very easily conclude that humanity really sucks...


A SEVEN-year-old lioness named Lea who spent the first years of her life in an Italian zoo eating pasta...


aging gracefully

I met this girl from Australia today. She was totally distraught overwhelmed by her classes and beginning to cry.  I took her outside  and we smoked a cigarette and by the end of it her tears had gone and she was laughing.
My dear, I said to her, 'the only way to cope in this land is to go quietly mad and embrace your difference from the masses'. I felt good myself because it means my reactions to this bizarre place are QUITE NORMAL. Can't say that the word NORMAL has ever been associated with me before. 
I left a message for my mom on her voice mail yesterday to let her know that I miss her and all that and that I might not see them from year to year but they're all the blood family I have. 

G-d help me, life could not be more insecure than it has been in America. The divorce just about killed me. And still, more often than not, I bounce through the day reminding myself to age gracefully and secretly plan my future plastic surgeries..., spy another freckle on my person that I swear was not there the other day and go 'ooh hell is that a freckle or a LIVER SPOT' oh please no, no, no I'm not ready yet - why, I was only expelled from school the other day and here I am with my eggs about scrambled and realizing that if I had a baby now it would probably be funny and I couldn't cope with that and then it would go into a 'home' and I'd go into denial and become an alcoholic and become just one huge liver spot... and so on









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