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The Tennessee State Fair - September 9, 2001

If you go early enough, you'll miss the crowds and get to see the animals and the farmers preparing to look their best. Soft drinks were two dollars and fifty cents which is about two hundred per cent their normal overcharged price. But complaining about the price is part of the whole experience.

The goats were simply the best. Now, mind you, I speak Goat and those girls complained most bitterly about having their udders so bloated and having to wait until after they'd been shown and judged. A goat is not like any other animal. They will most certainly and very vocally communicate discomfort of any sort. They kiss, snuggle and nibble everything. Their curiosity is endless. Surrounded by them, their utterances, udders and owners I was overcome with longing to live on a farm again.

The interesting thing I noticed was that the people who own goats are different. They are just a little on the slimmer side. Lively and more elitist. And then, there are the pig farmers. There was a bloated man, fatter than the fattest pig I saw at the Fair, sitting in the pigpen. His neck was so fat and he had these kind of spikes for hair that grew down his neck. You could hardly call it a neck, really. It was almost fatter than his fat head. His body could only be termed whale meat. It was huge and distended with a hard, pig like fat and he had these small eyes and a big, loose mouth. Fascinating in his repulsion.


I have written  more about the Fair but I still need to load those pages. It will be worth the wait.




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