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How to rave against oh, everything (and learn new tech skills at the same time)

writes our part time troublemaker - Trudy Truworth

  It's so thick you can feel it - viscous and oozing into the cold world of corporate culture.

Since the government changed hands, women's dreams are beginning to asphyxiate.

The climate has changed for women. Men are being preferentially selected, citing 'commitment and availability' to the job, no maternity leave requirements, no more special coaching on how to function in a diverse workplace, being forced to share.

Our group gripe is: we are entrepreneurs and we are women. We want EQUAL opportunity to establish our businesses, be protected under the law, have EQUAL access to venture capital and have EQUAL access to work contracts.

Furthermore, we demand to paid more than our male counterparts because we HAVE to buy cosmetics, get our hair done (or we'll never get ahead), wear more clothes and attend to female matters.

Explain to us why it is - in the light of these matters - men are still paid more than women?

HR companies suck big time




Microsoft XP is pretty hot stuff - and it's come a long way from Dreadful DOS and nasty 3.0. It's a very useful tool.

On the negative side: your average home pc probably needs to be upgraded to have more memory and more Hz.

On the plus side: It is worth upgrading because that package comes with a bundle of cool features. There are things you will discover with exploration that are just too cool. It's full of surprises

As for me, I am a diehard MAC fan, even though I do not own one anymore. I lost that when my true love left me. I am not sure which hurt more.

an undercover investigation by Dolly Double: Report will follow in a couple of days...


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