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an unorthodox journey


Travels in Corporate America
Only the bravest of the brave can face life in corporate America without becoming a zombie

 I have the knack of eliciting the very best in other humans as well as the worst. The response to me has seldom been indifference. I have studied with great curiosity the masses of the occupants of this planet and far above all  I believe those who have 'sold out' are the worst off of all.

I sense that they are somewhat threatened by me - probably because on some primitive level they realize that I, as yet, have not sold out. I think I have eliminated other reasons, the obvious being: I am not that good looking that other women are threatened, nor rich that they envy me. I am outspoken and have traveled a bit. I truly think it is that sense that I am still very much alive.

All this leads me to horror story of the week in the next column. 

These are the islands of the Maldives. A place so beautiful (close to India on the map) that words cannot effectively describe the experience. My dear friend Liat took me with her and her mom two years ago. 

The Maldives are hauntingly alluring. 

I was chased by a baracuda while diving and it bit me on my flipper. No one believed me until they saw the teeth marks.

Only if you were spaced out on some heavy stuff could you imagine the vast underworld wall to wall with the most amazing fish in the world. 

The Maldivians have their own international plane which I believe is rather busy during the tourist season.

We stayed at Kuramati. The sea water comes within several feet of your hotel room door. Sarongs are the given attire and suntanned tourists the necessary evil.

When life get me down, I drift back into my memories of this place.

I think perhaps God kept the Maldives away from the world so we could have an idea of how the world once was.

The woeful tale of Cricket Communications and me



I have emigrated to this wonderful land in search of democracy, in  love, liberty and the pursuit of good teeth. My migration papers are about at the stage where I receive my 'green card'. However, at my new job - I was recruited - some tough and lipless bimbette  decided to make life difficult for me and with a gleam of malice in her eyes announced: 

'You have to leave now. Your papers are not in order'. 

 I had been enticed from a very secure position. I stood numbly for a moment and then requested an explanation. None was forthcoming. I rushed off to my immigration lawyer who became so incensed that she called the company's head office and kicked up a 'shin-dig'. Result was: I was called back to work for another day. The INS office told me to go to Memphis to try and get some temporary something or another. I drove (in a very old car with no air conditioning and close as damn-it-is-to-swearing- about-to-expire tags) in over 100 degree heat all the way there only to be told that I had been approved and I should wait for my papers to arrive. So who knows what will happen tomorrow when I go back to work. It's all a bit stressful.

However, there is a plus side to this...


The reactions of others within the company have reassured me of one major treasure: that the gold is still in the souls of some Americans and thus have assisted in my quest to find this precious commodity.

My new boss has been fabulous and a hero standing up for me and endeavoring to make the horror go away. My friend, Angela, has been warm and supportive.  

Mercilessly fired by the harridans of HR.

The low life swines fired me. From a promising future straight into the pit o' hell they flung me. No letter of apology, only glee and corporate greed. I put the evil eye on them. They were indeed unjust and unfair and when I returned a month  later  with the proof they had requested and along with their urgings for me to reapply the cool, evasive message was 'sorry the position has been frozen'.  This I know to be a lie.  

Scuba diving off the islands of the Maldives at times like much more soothing than fighting the extremely toothy sharks at Cricket Communications.

I have considered jumping a goods train and seeing America whilst not knowing where I would end up. Perhaps I shall be more appropriate and buy a train ticket and go for a wee gad about. It would be a trifle odd, I suppose, to be a railway bum at my age and not be able to get all dolled up for the occasion. There is always some movie running in my head which make life quite the drama, quite the adventure.


Another Tale


Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.