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this is the beginning of a new day dawning for a determined, slightly demented immigrant


the winds of change

Horses or asses?

Riding the wild wind, dancing among tornados, exploring this vast land - as we shambled along at a blistering one mile per hour...


Bone Magic

Since discovering the whereabouts of this young and extremely intelligent French-Canadian I have managed to bully/nag five people...



Ramblin' Breeze


Wednesday morning blues


Travel Chat

The stresses islanders face consist greatly of the danger of coconuts dropping on their heads, the odd monsoon and little else...

Learning To Spit

 I mean, people like really 'gwel' up revoltingly large goobles of gob of varying densities and hue.



deciding to sweep out the

debris of a very damaged heart, she

East Fork, TN

...a place I highly recommend. I listened to a rather rough but pleasant chap chirping about the other sites he'd been to. He was a bit 'sozzled'...


Upon due consideration: one  can very easily conclude that humanity really sucks...


A SEVEN-year-old lioness named Lea who spent the first years of her life in an Italian zoo eating pasta...


Meadowlark Lodge

Smack dab in the the middle of the Nashville surrounds is a secret place


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look what we can do for you

House of straw

TN State Fair


The Meadows

Horses or asses?

University of horrors

Merit Badge

Peg leg

The Liver Spot





Hire me, I'm good

Warm & Fuzzy

Of Fish & Fillet...

who says mermaids have to be so big?

I lived here

Tooth Nazis of Nashville

'tooth pulling vampires...'

Grief Brief

'don't die in the tub today', she said aloud to her weeping self...


Naturally, I disagree...





Coffee Conversation

Monitored By LinkCounter

my daughter



Kate Healey

Let's face it, the comments and nose-turnings by my fellow artists have occurred. I have had the pish-tash's directed towards all things equestrian video-wise. But there is a reason why I am so passionate about taping horses... Originally, my expose' to equestrian videography was born out of the economic necessity of my starving immigrant status. I have been involved in the TV business for a good chunk of my adult life. I have done lots of exciting things, flown in helicopters, climbed remote mountains in Africa, gone great white shark spotting at the crack of dawn in a small boat, interviewed garden gnomes, videotaped a skydiver take a 'bounce' (fortunately he did not die), looked down a hole in a mountain plateau called Chingwe's Hole, seen human bones in caves of former cannibals, seen ships in the desert, seen the first 'known and living' coelecanth, met the famous, infamous, even the odd king here and there, killers and presidents (there is sometimes not much difference), seen a giant and ancient tree fall in a prehistoric forest, battled deadly snakes, been chased by a nasty ass spider with visible teeth and I have held huge, uncut diamonds so beautiful they sang to my woman-soul. These are some of the memories that come to mind right now. One of these days I shall write my life story. It is in two parts - Africa and America. What an adventure! Africa was the adventure of doing, going, being, exploring, nature, passions, events, history, terrors, rewards, joy, youth and sunshine. America has thus far been a different kind of adventure. The aloneness has been a seeking for nirvanha, the Shangri-La, the sword of Damocles - the saga has been within. It has been an adventure of self-discovery, anhilation of perceptions of Who the"bleep" am I? Finding nuggets of solid gold within and ditches full of despair to be emptied. I will continue onward for destiny is chirping loudly now. Of all these things I have experienced and/or filmed, nothing has ever involved all of me as much as video taping horses. There is an unfathomable connection between me, the camera and the horse. Their ethereal spirits seem to have me spellbound. At times, there is more magic than others. When a horse is relatively undamaged by cruel and greedy trainers and has not yet had his/her spirit broken and I can 'find' the creature through my lens - for a few minutes and my being is somehow lifted. It's not as though this profession choice pays well. It most certainly does not. The hours can also be very long and frequently surrounded by pompous and not so nice people. But that thrill of those moments when you, your camera and horse are one - in such perfect unity. There is no 'objective', behind the lens non- experience. It is synchronicity at its best. I have discovered, in America, a different kind of adrenaline high. I wouldn't change it for the world.



The Last Elephant

 of the Knysna Forest of South Africa...


AN elephant

NAMED 'Hapoor'


Something nasty this way comes

Severe and sudden necessity will cause acute change. Such changes will probably cause deep regret down the line of time...


 is to have a decent jar of beluga caviar someday soon

Caviar is the only way to go

 declares fabulous foreigner

Why should fiscal challenges inhibit the quality of life?


List Of Links for

Small Business

Women have to try and save the what's left of the world - go and give it a try!


My Boy :

he cuts a handsome figure and has such  youthful optimism you cannot help but love him. A true California boy, blonde hair, blue eyes and the whitest teeth...


Baby Boomer Ages Reluctantly but still with style

And still, more often than not, I bounce through the day reminding myself to age gracefully and secretly plan my future plastic surgeries...,

this is my new baby camera - isn't it just ducky?

I have a new camera!

I have finally gotten back into video production... benn shooting video depositions, music videos, horse shows and all sorts of other such fun stuff. I am no longer a Kelly Girl! Bless 'em! they kept me alive for three years:

Number 1: It is , of course, about a jar of Beluga Caviar which arrives and changes closed-minded  people's lives in a small hick town.






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