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an unorthodox journey



Please, US Immigration,

let my family visit ...


My family is made up of good, solid, educated British bloodlines have remained in South Africa to try and rebuild the country. Although I believe this is an exercise in futility - that is their choice.

The point is: my sister-in-law has no intention of emigrating from South Africa but the immigration officials allow all of Mexico, the Middle East, Morocco, China, India, Somalia, Nigeria to flow unhindered over the borders. The uneducated, the deceitful, the dangerous. She works as a medical technologist in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and her work was sponsoring her training in Virginia, USA.

 I do not understand. I want to understand. I am sometimes lonely and I simply want to see my family.

if the US embassy in South Africa had said no AFTER the attack, I would've understood...    

Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.