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What will happen and why...


Severe and sudden necessity will cause acute change. Such changes will probably cause deep regret down the line of time. Procedural patterns established through necessity and paranoia will cause an epidemic of horror in future years.

Big Brother has indeed come to town - just a few years later than George Orwell had predicted. I think it was, in part, because of George Orwell's book "1984" that this has been delayed.


The majority is seldom right. Mass impulses under an emotional stimulus will make unreasoning decisions


Something Dark and Devious this way comes...

  1. Sacrifice of liberty of thought and lifestyle. Surveillance, a quagmire of 'clearances', financial controls for the man on the street, religious acknowledgement put into databases centrally controlled, promotion of unifying Christianity (the standardization of Christianity will cause religious persecution). Danger and threat will be sufficient to allow this to happen.

  2. The greed factor. Instead of concentrating on the examination of individuals and immigration refusal based on character and background checks authorities will continue to allow the rich and the bad to establish roots and develop like weeds within the culture of America.

The current enemy:

Things have changed. The old and ingrained Arabic ways have, through influence of protestant Christianity's bounty, gained new power of medicine, technology and modern warfare.  (thoughts on Muslimism)



What prepared the soil for what is to come?


Some thoughts:


The fact that America has a history of bombing shifty countries and not completing the job.



A history of broken promises and forming alliances with people for a little while whilst promising a forever alliance and then dropping those allies when national tides turn or economic self-interest has been served - rather like the scorpion and the turtle crossing the river.



Americans get bored very quickly (I hear my mother's voice, 'don't generalize - it's a sign of ignorance'). Instant availability and instant gratification has taken the place of diligence, endurance and life-long commitment. TV stations compete for ratings. The media giants want to be #1 and it does not seem to matter if the edges of truth are blurred by sensationalism and the public's notoriously short attention span. Such actions of the news giants is justified by saying that in order to get the news, report on the news it takes being number one. Self consolation belief that they are 'actually doing the right thing' by at least being there to record the moment.


It is not necessary to make excessive profits, making enough should be enough. That way you are fed but not fat, not able to blackmailed by poverty, greed or fear. That is what it should be about. Smaller news with big facts and 'human' reporters - not carrion eaters.



Excessive greed takes precedence over right and wrong in the higher echelons of society. Good roots of gratitude and freedom are forgotten. This has paved the way for all sorts of 'shifty's' and cockroach persona to gain roots in America (e.g. the Saudi Prince who owns huge chunks of New York and monitors his assets via camera and satellite from Rio) The average American's infatuation with those who have excessive wealth or stardust is doing a disservice to himself and his ancestors who gave up all in order to be free


The inaccurate perception that everybody who falls in any line of anything- war, car accidents, food poisoning is an 'innocent' victim.

One can be an 'unintended' or 'unexpected'  victim but never innocent - unless of course it is a baby or animal.

We have  been raised in the west to regard the 'un-innocent' as warrior to warrior, racecar driver to racecar driver, football player to football player

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