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this is the beginning of a new day dawning for a determined, slightly demented immigrant



Horses or asses?

Riding the wild wind, dancing among tornados, exploring this vast land - as we shambled along at a blistering one mile per hour...


Bone Magic

Since discovering the whereabouts of this young and extremely intelligent French-Canadian I have managed to bully/nag five people...



Ramblin' Breeze


Wednesday morning blues


Travel Chat

The stresses islanders face consist greatly of the danger of coconuts dropping on their heads...

Learning to Spit

 I mean, people like really 'gwel' up revoltingly large goobles of gob of varying densities and hue.



deciding to sweep out the

debris of a very damaged heart, she

East Fork, TN

...a place I highly recommend. I listened to a rather rough but pleasant chap chirping about the other sites he'd been to. He was a bit 'sozzled'...


Upon due consideration: one  can very easily conclude that humanity really sucks...


A SEVEN-year-old lioness named Lea who spent the first years of her life in an Italian zoo eating pasta...


Meadowlark Lodge

Smack dab in the the middle of the Nashville surrounds is a secret place


iExploreAmerica Services Page

look what we can do for you

House of straw

TN State Fair


The Meadows

Horses or asses?

University of horrors

Merit Badge

Peg leg

The Liver Spot





Hire me, I'm good

Warm & Fuzzy

Of Fish & Fillet...

who says mermaids have to be so big?

I lived here

Tooth Nazis of Nashville

'tooth pulling vampires...'

Grief Brief

'don't die in the tub today', she said aloud to her weeping self...


Naturally, I disagree...





Coffee Conversation

Monitored By LinkCounter

my daughter



Who am I?

Change, whether sudden or gradual, seems to have a multi-layered effect.


As you move through your life, dragging your body along - or vice versa - and you enter into different phases of your life your entire self-image changes.


I moved countries under extreme circumstances and have in the process lost much of my identity. I used to be just so hot to trot working for a famous TV show, fraternizing, patronizing, organizing and energizing.


Well, all that has gone now and I have been left with the bare bones of myself and I am still rather clueless as to what direction to be heading towards.


The good thing is that I no longer feel like a lost dog on the highway. The confusion has calmed within me and tranquility is returning. It's sort of that acceptance thing that others so flippantly speak of in psychology 101.


I feel that what will be will be. My contract is coming to an end on the 23rd or so of this April month, 2002 and I have not heard one word from Kelly Services as to future work. My attempts to get into the web business have thus far come to naught but I have had a wonderful time snuffling around on the web looking at what work is out there and realizing that I have not yet crumbled into selling out.


Something will happen and I do believe it will be a good something.


Hope is such  an interesting substance and truly, it does spring eternal in the human heart. It is like a fountain, sometimes choked up with stuff but when cleared it bubbles right back up to the surface, lighting up my eyes.


In the meantime, what with my few pennies and my inability to leave Tennessee, I am long-necked curious to see what is just around the corner on my American journey.


I have been very protected for the most part here in this office in Franklin. I have had opportunity to further my software skills, corporate networking and meet some truly good and smart humans. I will leave this assignment with a pang of regret and feeling appreciated. I have changed my mind about computer types.



I do hope that some semblance of peace comes to the Middle East.



And you - Person - have a nice day today. I insist.



The Last Elephant

 of the Knysna Forest of South Africa...


AN elephant

NAMED 'Hapoor'


Something nasty this way comes

Severe and sudden necessity will cause acute change. Such changes will probably cause deep regret down the line of time...


 is to have a decent jar of beluga caviar someday soon

Caviar is the only way to go

 declares fabulous foreigner

Why should fiscal challenges inhibit the quality of life?


List Of Links for

Small Business

Women have to try and save the what's left of the world - go and give it a try!


My Boy :

he cuts a handsome figure and has such  youthful optimism you cannot help but love him. A true California boy, blonde hair, blue eyes and the whitest teeth...


Baby Boomer Ages Reluctantly but still with style

And still, more often than not, I bounce through the day reminding myself to age gracefully and secretly plan my future plastic surgeries...,

this is my new baby camera - isn't it just ducky?

I have a new camera!

We'll be shooting a movie very soon. It has been a long time. I am excited! I have two little films planned:

Number 1: It is , of course, about a jar of Beluga Caviar which arrives and changes closed-minded  people's lives in a small hick town.






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