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Teeth, Terror & Toothlessness

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Have camera -will travel!

Island Travel

Local people on far off splats of the planet plopped in the middle of the ocean often seem to think that Westerners come from a 'better place'.

It takes time to convince them that this is, for the most part, not so. The stresses islanders face consist greatly of the danger of coconuts dropping on their heads or the Ultimate Monsoon coming to wipe out their entire island. Petty village squabbles of territory and who is courting who. Wealth is measured by interesting yardsticks depending upon which chunk of terra firma you stand. Fancy pots, snazzy beads, an actual car or horse, or boat or canoe or bicycle. The delight in a new pair of shoes is so refreshing so natural, so innocent. Tussles of ego are usually minor as they eventually give way to the balmy air, the abundance of fish and the rhythm of season and time.

On the left you will find some of the places I have been privileged to explore, some links to good sites.  4

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Have camera -

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Enjoy your visit - and never, ever daydream without the proper travel authorization in triplicate and copies for your files

I miss my sister

Alternative Life


'Twas the night of Xmas  and I sat down at an elegantly set table. A relief to dine in such warm, well-bred surroundings. It could not have been more perfect and the companionship indeed marvelous. These are my dear friends.

You know, if you think about it, as we grow older and the Xmas's past kind of blur and fade - except for the memorable ones - it is easy to slip into ingratitude. I am learning not to do that.

I have lost so many friends and said so many forever goodbye's that I tend to become extremely focused on 'the moment'.

The Farm
Cob Construction
Sewage Saves Planet
Straw Bale
For the farm

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