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an unorthodox journey


 |  America's Finest Views Source  | November 2001

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War is never  about religion - any human war, that is. It is about power and dark forces

Windows XP Oct.01

Rest Of Big Corporation Country Temporarily Feels Guilty for using bombing as excuse to fire lower end workers





How technology has brought women in Asia together


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Immigrant Facts

my daughter
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What's going on in Afghanistan?
Afghan News Net
Afghanistan Today

I feel it coursing through my veins. Adventure! Calling my name as it has so many times before. From the time I was a little child I have experienced this strange longing - not traditionally deemed acceptable for a woman - to go, to experience, to adventure, to be.

Sometimes, the longing is so strong that it takes all my willpower (or rather, won't-power) to stay put and return to my important place in corporate America.

It's the feeling of wanting to bolt for freedom. The voices of 'reason', responsibility, pay-off-the-car an' all just don't bother me much. And why should they? - they're wood chip in the walls of a paper thin world. Life is for the living, not following the Leader of the Lemmings.


Save Alaska
Icky joins HH
anthrax cure?  

Enjoy your visit - and never, ever daydream without the proper travel authorization in triplicate and copies for your files


Is our staff member radical or what? When the kids were trick or treating last night she refused to give the fat ones any candy and instead scared them off wearing her leopard pajamas and a bam-bam hairdo.


"This is the most unorthodox website.  Contains a bit of everything" says Brother Non de Scripto

"Bizarre and scary" says Tweedledee of Tweedledum Publications!


Not Knowing What Else To Do, Woman saves the organic egg from extinction - hailed as hero by local ant population


changes in America and what to watch for

By now we all know that an age has passed in America. 9-11 made sure of that. Change is inevitable and has begun. Our Hectic Herald Philosophy department has a synopsis of a theory on that.

hectic hypothesis


psssst! BatBoy has joined the US Marines


The Anthrax info came from the BBC



Anthrax is a disease caused by the organism bacillus anthracis. It derives its name from anthrakis, the Greek word for coal, because the cutaneous version of the disease can cause black skin lesions.

  • It is rarely seen in people and mostly affects hoofed animals, which become infected after ingesting the dormant forms of the bacteria - the spores - in soil. The spores can remain dormant in the soil for many years.
  • It is infrequent in western Europe and the US and is more often found in south and central America, south and east Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • Traditionally people most at risk are those who work with animals or in industries processing animal products such as meat and wool.
  • Anthrax is not contagious. The only way to be infected is by being exposed to large numbers of spores.
    Hectic H-opinion: What do Trump & Ben Ladin have in common?
    - they both hate women but project it differently
    Hovercraft shoes enable troops to bounce over Afghan mountains - buy today for only 999999.99 space dollars!

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