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The Grim  & The True  Opinion  of our editor in chief:

Teeth are most important - I wish that greedy dentists end up with teeth problems!



Teeth, Terror & Toothlessness

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Big News Y

I have a new camera!

At last! my teeth have hope

It is amazing to me how nice I am when I feel safe.

This new dentist - Dr. Chaffin in Hendersonville -  is just fabulous. Not only did he take an inordinate amount of time explaining the physiology of teeth but he processed his deductions aloud and furthermore confirmed that the other tooth Nazi in Harding on Trousdale Road could indeed have saved my tooth. I won't even begin to rave on about the tooth Nazi taking $185.00 unnecessary money from me as a co-pay. He was simply out to milk me and the insurance company of money probably in order to finance a new plane. He fancies himself as a Errol Flynn type character with his dyed hair and perfect teeth. His place of exploitation and extraction is decorated with pictures of airplanes. Have you ever noticed how it is indeed true for the most part that birds of a feather DO flock together? The woman who 'works' the insurance stuff for the tooth Nazi is a venomous creature with a resentful attitude and phony presentation. She did not like me and I did not like her.

By absolute and total contrast, the wonderful insurance lady who works for Dr. Chaffin - her name is Linda - restored my faith in Southern Dental Humanity. She is just so wonderful, humorous and kind.

I woke up this morning and had no more pain.

This is the month to check out everything physical. I have a bit of insurance coverage and the problems which have been simmering behind the scenes as a result of chronic and severe emotional trauma are being allowed by me to surface one by one  so that they can be handled.



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Terror & Toothlessness
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