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an unorthodox journey


Facing the Monsters
a destination revisited

It's not a place you would choose to go to.  

It is the valley of loss. Saying goodbye to someone you love. Choice removed, grief remains. 

always shadows - just try & face the light

It is place many have been. Their ghosts darken the valleys, making the experience more intense, unbearable. It is only in retrospect that the shadows of others can speed up the tail end of healing. It is rather like wrestling with a deadly serpent, a dragon, a serpentine thing. You try to grip its head but the rest of it winds around you, squeezing the breath right out of you. You feel as though your very soul will crack - like an egg or seedlings under the careless boots of soldiers.

You may think, in the perilous battle, that you will die. Some do. 

As the serpent twists and thrashes, yanking you from the survival of the present into endless pain, you feel as though the skin on your body is being torn off and bit by bit. Your face changes. Time is given the upper edge over your body.
 You reach for relief. Sometimes it is there. It can come on a sunbeam slipping through the drawn blinds. It lies behind the smile of a friend, in the eyes of strangers who may not understand, may not have walked this way as yet, but who feel sympathy for any creature in such obvious pain..

Over time, the snake begins to lose the acuteness of its grip. Perhaps one day you could return to this place, marvel at your courage and move on with your journey.

Experienced something similar? Please drop a line.


Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.