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an unorthodox journey



The tragedy of the spirit of individuality lies in the anemic pit of middle management.  

Ambition eats into true relationships and takes huge chunks out of life.  Before you know it you've lost decades and the only real thing you have to look forward to is failing health and a daily dose of disappointment.



Tales of true life Lesson of the air conditioner repair man

Our Stock Tip for this year, 2000: BlueStar Communications.

 Even though they did not even have the courtesy to interview me when I applied for a job... I believe they will do well for a good few years.

And then, predictably, the new and young company, will become an established profit-only-policy vulturesque concern - afraid that their former team mates (now secretly called drones and minions) will actually buy a hamburger on company expense. 

The dreamers and pioneers are pushed out first and the ever-duplicating bookkeeping types flood behind.

The dreamers, disillusioned with what happened to their dream, then hopefully move on to pioneer something else.

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Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.