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Post Love Analysis effects on the physiology of one woman



about the mind -

this mind
veining thoughts twist
erupt and ebb
flow or flood
and break
and flow and ebb
within a moment
on the highway

drive to work:
love inexplicable
in the light

of hard truth
and self destruction
faithful to shadows
patterned in DNA
a memory
an illusion
a great betrayal
a collusion
of particles

of emotion,
mental chemicals
charged patterns
hooked onto
and part of
flowing cellular
and silver essence
of my soul
of my cells
and atoms

which join
for a time

to create

she who is me

before eternal

attempt self healing
again and again
and now -
at last -
it is the filling
of the patterns
of flowing
molecular charges
with different stuff
diluting concentrate
of love's particles
having no way of finding
the soul essence
of my lost mate



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