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an unorthodox journey



Opinions expressed are our own. Make up your own mind - and make up your own bed while you're about it!

Movie Reviews The Perfect Storm
Scary Movie
Restaurant Reviews Rio Bravo, West End
Rio Bravo, Rivergate
Red Lobster, Rivergate
Venue Review The Broken Spoke

Movie Review

The Perfect Storm  

In a nutshell, it made me want to run away and go fishing and face my fate with the sea. It was so realistic that I swear I could smell the ocean. Little long- winded in the beginning but served to create a rich character tapestry realistic of fishing communities. 

Highly recommended.



Movie Review


Scary Movie The most asinine waste of time and money ever. A gross shame on the American people. A supposed 'spoof' with nothing whatever redeeming or humorous. Tasteless and blunt to the extreme. An offence to all but pork and catfish eaters. Stupid movie for stupid people. Pathetic performances, pathetic script defecated from the bowels of some idiot(s) mind. 


Restaurant Review


Rio Bravo, West End  

One of our favorite venues. The magaritas are fabulous, expensive but effective. Veranda space is scarce on weekend afternoons. Liberal amounts of their 'burn your bum' salsa and awful chips are provided. Most people, having asbestos intestines, relish in these peculiar foods. I eat lots of the stuff because, to tell the truth, I can't afford their menu items. The margaritas will clean out your wallet. The staff are marvelous and deserve to be well tipped. An interesting cross section of customers frequent the place. 



Restaurant Review


Rio Bravo, Rivergate Not our favorite place, due largely to the clientele. Overweight, never-read-a-book-or-watched-a-movie-with-subtitles customers with unhappy looking families and lecherous eyed husbands frequent the establishment.

Restaurant Review

Red Lobster, Rivergate

The food was good, waitress very attentive. The mushroom starters were a good size served with horseradish sauce which has the most amazing sinus-clearing-blow-off-your-socks bite. The trick, I discovered, was to dip the mushroom in both the horseradish and the sweet coconut sauce which came with the flattened, fried shrimp* (which Lynne and MaryEllen said were ‘okay’ but not as ‘marvelous’ as at the Outback restaurant).

The food is pricey in a tidal pool of mediocrity with occasional islands of outstanding dishes.

Personally, I do not eat ‘unclean’ foods such as shellfish, crab, catfish, swordfish, shark, jellyfish, baracuda or octopus. Things that eat sewage or trap poisons in the sea are not meant to be eaten. They are the scavengers of the ocean.

  Venue Review

 Broken Spoke, Trinity Lane indeed broken in every way. Dreadful crowd, mostly dreadful music with dreadful act management. Not a place to attend if you have any aspirations whether spiritual or material. Wailing, wife-beating 'cowboys' who, by the sound of some of their songs were involved with the loosest critters ever born.  The next day we had headaches from hell. One or two of them had the slightest glimmer of potential but the rest were an agony to endure. I shall not go there again.



Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.