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and on my journey, these are things I have observed

your comments
  The tobacco companies are funding 'respectable' research universities to study the effects of tobacco - smokeless and other - on the unborn child. Now you tell me: why would they be doing such a thing when everybody knows the damage that cigarette poisons have on the unborn?

The grant money pours in from these vats of hell and 'learned' professors very easily dull their sensibilities in their own personal quest for glory. I have seldom seen mercy and empathy in the eyes of the researchers or their assistants.

Yes, some good does emerge from a few of these institutions, but the overwhelming majority is a waste of time and innocent blood. An excuse to oil the machinery of powermongers.


The animals are relentlessly and ruthlessly sacrificed as fodder largely for the incurable disease of greed. Amidst all of their seethings and connivings, they are careful to present the face to the public world of tiny babies and people with successful transplants as the reason why they do what they do.

Behind the respectable veneer of medical academia lies a swamp of ego and avarice, made pretty by fancy talk and intellectualizing.

I happened to meet a reasearcher a couple of weeks ago. She spoke with a heavily German accent. Although her rather expressionless face was not unattractive, when I questioned her if she ever experienced any sympathy for the the animals that they used and discarded, she replied: "I feel nothing. Animals are put on this earth for us to do whatever we want. God said so".

"That's disgusting", I said and walked away. I know in my heart that there are more people like that than there are not.


Know this, thousands upon thousands of animals (dogs, kittens, lambs, sheep, pigs, monkeys, and many more) are, without remorse and much subterfuge, hurried into these institutions, to be tortured in the name of ridiculous science. The experiments are not done in one institution but repeated over and over again in research laboratories all over the the western world. You would think that 'they' would pool their knowledge in order not to cause unnecessary torture and suffering, but they don't. It's about who gets the glory, the kudos first.

If it were solely about the betterment of the lot of 'humanity', these shadowy sadists would eliminate ego and arrogance and move towards the greater good.


These are my cats and I love them.

That's enough of that for now. My mind does not handle these images of depravity and cruelty very well. Let's not dwell on the gutters of humanity but let's be off on other adventures, following other paths.

Give the animals your sympathy and NEVER keep silent.