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Winter, 2002



  It really is odd that I am missing you so very much today. I have been waking up in the mornings and you are the rising day in my mind. I am almost overwhelmed by a wave of sorrow and longing. I am learning, over time, to adapt to this feeling of terrible loss. I miss you so very much. I miss the smell of you, your hair curling on the pillow, the way you walked in your feet rather than on your feet. I miss casual and deep conversations. I miss everything about you. I miss all the tomorrows we will not have together. You were my mate. The road of my life feels empty without you. It should’ve been, could’ve been and I am sad that it is not.  

Living in America without you is not the way it should be.

What happened? Why could you not love me?


You left me in May 1999

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