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an unorthodox journey



Just a Day


 I am one of the top 100 Kelly Girls

It has been a busy day. I walked a lot in heels too high. Heaven forbid that I should look short!

It was my mother who first tattooed the notion into my DNA that "short people shouldn't vote or breed". My mother, you need to note, is close to five foot two inches. 

At any time of day or night I will confess my age and it will be truthful but  I will not confess my height. For purposes of  my public image it will remain six full feet.  

However, the day is now done and I feel rather sad. I miss my companion, my love. It is a mystery to me the extent of this love.  I cannot remove it and I cannot understand why it began or why it ended. 

I am unable to assuage the sense of loss, the sense that destiny was thwarted.

Every day, I steal a moment or two and rest my thoughts with you. I send kind wishes to your heart, for your life.

The day has folded into the past with all my actions, words and dreams.  




Different colors for different days or moments in those days



The Boy


Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.