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an unorthodox journey


Holidette in Hendersonville                            July, 2000

Floating in a golden armchair in the swimming pool I thought deeply about very little. Thoughts drifted slowly  in cloudy tufts across my consciousness. 

I drifted and turned, gently displacing all anxiety. 

Tall trees form a forest wall, close to the pool. All sorts of insects and birds busy themselves with instinctive issues, sans concern. 

The house belongs to my dear friends with whom I feel cocooned from the harshness of life. 

I read, dozed off, woke, wrote and daydreamed  in cycles of random order.  It came to me that I was in a state of total contentment.

I have danced to the rhythms of the music of Shania Twain and Stevie Nix whenever the urge has come upon me.

I haven't had to wear makeup in days. Shorts and T-shirts are my holiday attire. I have dozed off so many times that the thought briefly crossed my mind that I may have sleeping sickness or lack some vitamins and then I give myself over to the warm caress of unconsciousness. 

I really must need the rest.

All told it has been a fine 'holidette ' in Hendersonville, Tennessee.



Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.