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Kill or Cure? - the deepening energy crisis

California is in crisis. Power is faltering and in short supply. The Arabs are not cooperating. Blackouts are occurring. We are forced to be resourceful and a wonderful opportunity is opening up. It is a serious time for serious decisions.

The sun, the wind and the rain have been around a long time. The wealth of energy resources can be harnessed by the intelligent and/or the desperate. We are reaching the desperate stage and those villified by the corporate powerbrokers are now sounding less like kooks and more like prophetic voices warning of impending national disaster. The rumors of oil companies and their manipulations, excessive greed and war mongering are probably true. Now they are being backed towards the edge. Their arrogance and avarice can only serve for just so long and then the shiftings of power and despotism will lay waste their empires.

At this time of deepening crisis, when George Bush has the power to wield for a true economic, independent future for America, he chooses to go the way of the path of rampant capitalism. He sanctioned the devastation of the Alaskan wilderness, cushioning his statements with sentences like America needs to 'explore alternative energy sources' and 'protect the environment'.

Are we, as citizens of the planet, going to stand idly by and allow this land to slide into a fastfood, decayed junk heap with an insatiable appetite for destruction?

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