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an unorthodox journey


The results of child abuse

The connection of the soul and the body - in this life - are inextricably locked into one.  The mental mutilation of young girls by a dirty daddy, uncle, brother, step dad or neighbor will last until she dies. I can only speak of my observations of victims of this crime. 

As the infant grows and her faculties develop, the soul, in its newness, infuses every cell of her body preparing her for life. 

It is then that the dirty daddy steps in and crushes the most essential aspect of the young human. He urinates venom, 'thalidomide', mustard gas, misogynistic spermacide into the essence of the innocent.

The lack of control of the male's sex drive is direct from the pit of most vile aspect of the human male.

How to describe a girl victim?  Although she may grow up and seem to 'turn out okay', this is what I have discovered. There is, what can only be described as, a dead zone

It is deep within the core of her soul. It never comes to life - no therapy, no self improvement, no 'safe' zone can resurrect the dead. I call these women Little Dead Girls. 

They are like the dark legends of The Living Dead or Zombies - attracted to the light of normal life but unable to truly participate in it. 

To put it more gently, a bit like Seven of Nine from the crew of Capt Janeway, a Borg striving to human but remaining always Borg. Longing for that multi-dimensional capacity that makes up the human condition but never 'able to comply'.

For those who have had the misfortune to truly care for a Little Dead Girl the consequence is life changing and the sap of the soul will drain into the vortex of their existence until the connection is broken for good. 

The connection has to be broken if you yourself are to survive. The Little Dead Girl will never be able to love, receive love or do anything other than be a lonely voyeur of humanity.

There is no punishment sufficient for the perpetrators of these acts.

For the Living


Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.