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an unorthodox journey


Opinions on Muslimism

(by Middle East Correspondent of HPi of unknown location)

The Muslim religion is a very old one with roots that date way back to the old testament.

Like Ishmael of old, the perceived rejection of his father and the banishment of his mother caused a genetic hatred of Israel which is perpetuated and magnified through sheer number of offspring.

Their solid belief is that they are the 'good guys' and doing inhuman acts (murder, suicide etc) makes them believe that they are emissaries of heaven.

Deeds are what count. Similar to the Pharisees of new testament times when it was all about obeying the laws and side laws, tradition and appearance and routine obedience.

All that without even once considering that the battle and rebirth should begin within the individual.

From there, it would extend to the whole family and beyond. Each generation would be a new battle of the growth of the individual soul, rather than the expansion of the Muslim religion.

"The only good thing I have seen come out of the Muslim religion is the fact that they do not eat pork" says the spokesperson for diplomatic corps of the High Mountain Region


Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.