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an unorthodox journey


It's Sunday and  introspective. It's a Sunday thing. 

I miss friends from the past, my lost love, family and that kind of thing. I wish I could release some tears so that no bitterness builds in my bones. King Solomon wrote of such a thing - bitterness in the bones. I pay it heed. 
I have had a bit of a weekend of wild behavior. 

Went to a club with my young friend  (very handsome boy) and his equally handsome boyfriend (who is 40) and had margaritas and beer. Didn't feel too good but felt hot to trot in my black leather pants. Bit like mutton playing lamb chop.

 Last night we went to my best buddies house and had a party. It was quite fun. Do I do this a lot? Not really but every now and again I walk on the wild side. Mostly these days I want to nest and I miss my lost companion. 

I say, "Go" to my soul

rupture the walls

be whole

limit me not by my gender,

by pain, by experience, by the threatened

say "No" to those who clip the wings 

of women

to be an apologetic - ' sub' to this and ' sub' to that

'sub' only to God

tears fuel the sails of my soul

and I search for the wind

which will guide me home to you


Our dance is not done

we were as one

the music has not stopped

the disc jockey just took a break

will I, for life look for you over the heads 

and through the hearts of others?



Keep on your journey, Friend. Dreams change. Find joy in something.